DJI RS2 & RSC2 Gimbals released

DJI is quickly becoming a master of photography across many platforms including drones, robots, gimbal stabilization, etc. With their latest release, we see them refine the filmmakers handheld gimbal with a second generation of their Ronin S and SC.

The big differences for me are the built-in touchscreen so you can do all the cool functionality of the Ronin with none of the phone to enable it. The other cool feature is the including of RavenEye for ActiveTrack so you don’t need a cold shoe mount for a cell phone to do the tracking for you – it pulls the image directly from the HDMI output on the camera. This means better stabilization for your camera and more room for a bigger camera payload.

Ronin RS2

The carbon fiber arms look very cool with the DJI red accents. Overall, we’ll have to check these two gimbals out and see what we can do. We might even upgrade to one of these in the future from our original Ronin-S that we use currently.

The RS2 costs $699 USD while the RSC2 goes for $399 USD. Definitely aggressively priced.