Google Pixel 4 Bezel Revealed!

We’ve been getting leak after leak about the upcoming Pixel 4. I say leak but in some cases the information came directly from Google…can we call that a leak? More like a teaser at that point.

Anyway, one of the big pieces of information is Google is going away from the notch and back towards a top bezel – much like we see atop the Pixel 2 XL display. The one difference? There’s a LOT more tech in that bezel to justify its existence. Let’s take a quick peak…

Pixel 4 Bezel Contents

In the bezel, we’ll have left and right face unlock IR lighting, a single front facing camera, ambient light sensor (old news), a Soli radar chip (possibly one of the coolest additions to the Pixel device), a face dot projector and a flood illuminator – also for face unlock.

From this new information we can ascertain that we’ll be getting a proper face unlock technology like we see in the iPhone XS along with a single front facing camera. It should be interesting to see this in action come October/November when the Pixel 4 is expected to be released.

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