Inching towards the Google Pixel 5

Without a doubt, listening to annual rumour mill talk about the latest upcoming phones is always entertaining and usually accurate within a few details.

First leak of the Pixel 5 in the wild a couple months ago

This year, we’ve been hearing LOTS about Google’s upcoming Pixel 5 including the biggest revelation – no top tier Snapdragon chipset. Instead rumours point to Google using the 765G chipset instead of the 865. This would be a huge disappointment for me – a long time Pixel (and previously Nexus) user.

Aside from that, we’re hearing between 90-120Hz displays, 6-8GB RAM, 128GB internal storage seems to be the defacto amount of storage so you’re forced to inconveniently copy files to your PC or fork over some money to Google for a Google One subscription.

The latest rumour was a 4000mAh battery which would help blow the battery life issues out of the water. That combined with a lower power chipset in the 765G should mean some serious performance gains in the battery department.

The first likely leak of the back of a Pixel 5 side by side with a Pixel 4a 5G

So where was I headed with all this? Well, the rumours are so consistent that GSM Arena has already listed the Pixel 5 in their database with “preliminary” specifications listed. Ballsy if you ask me, but given the scope of the leaks, likely a good move.

Check out the GSM Arena Pixel 5 page here.