NVIDIA RTX 30 Series is here!

Today NVIDIA Corp. announced the 2nd Generation of RTX cards – the 30 Series…or is that 3000 series? Who knows.

Either way, these cards we’ve been itching to get are finally here. We got to see 3 different cards – the RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and what NVIDIA dubbed the BFGPU, the RTX 3090.

The cards look unconventional in their design. The cooler doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen before and certainly NVIDIA hinted at a revolutionary design last week when they posted a video regarding cooler design.

NVIDIA RTX 30 Series – Flow through cooling

With this new RTX cooler, NVIDIA has designed something called flow through cooling where cool air is piped in from the bottom of the card and exhaled on top of the card into the CPU area where most cases have a rear exhaust fan. Those that don’t though might experience some elevated temps in this region.

Obviously, specs and pricing is a critical part of this look at the new cards…so have at it!

GeForce RTX 3090GeForce RTX 3080GeForce RTX 3070
CUDA Cores1049687045888
Memory Bus384-bit320-bit256-bit
Prices starting at$1499 USD$699 USD$499 USD
Release DateSeptember 24, 2020September 17, 2020October 2020
NVIDIA RTX 30 Series Specs

Definitely looks affordable. You could purchase an RTX 3070 for less than the lower performing RTX 2080 Ti. That’s right, the Ti!

Here’s another look at how it all comes together:

Exploded view of the RTX 30 Series

Lastly. The most exciting part – the RTX 3090…ever wanted to game at 60FPS…how about at an 8K resolution? Well wait no more for a graphics card that can deliver. The RTX 3090 is the balls to the wall, BFG of GPU’s. Packed with 24GB of GDDR6X memory, a massive cooler that is likely to rip your PCIe slot right off the motherboard and power requirements that shock and surprise…it makes sure the red team doesn’t surpass them this year.


So there you have it. Second generation RTX is 16 days away and I for one cannot wait to experience it first hand.