Cooler Master Launches the MasterLiquid Flux Series

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Cooler Master launches the MasterLiquid Flux Series, a performance driven AIO liquid cooling solution.

The MasterLiquid Flux Series is the materialization of revolutionary cooling performance. With enhancements from the pump to the radiator and fans, the Flux Series delivers precisely tuned performance for superior heat dissipation and cooling capabilities. The Flux Series will launch in two radiator sizes – PL240 Flux and PL360 Flux.

Uncompromised Cooling Performance

The MasterLiquid Flux Series has been refined with precision to improve on all aspects of the cooler to deliver the best performance on the market. The new Dual Chamber Pump is more compact than previous generations without sacrificing performance, delivering the perfect volume of flow to pressure for impressive cooling. The high speed motor uses a ceramic bearing impeller to force balanced water flow to and from the radiator for ultimate efficiency of heat exchange. Microchannels have been maximized with ultra-thin spaded fins to accurately target heat spots. The copper base surface area has also been enlarged and optimized with perfect base thickness for further accelerated heat transfer.

Dual Chamber Design

The radiator and fans have been upgraded as well, featuring a low profile radiator with superior fin density, coupled with redesigned Flux Series fans. The specifically engineered fans are unique air balance fans with interconnecting blades providing strengthened construction for better stability at high speeds. The inner fan frame rim is angled, boosting air intake, with a frame gap generating increased air pressure for improved cooling.

There is also ARGB incorporated in the fans and pump, with dual loop pump ARGB lighting customizable independently for visual creativity and versatility. Through both the included Addressable Gen 2 RGB controller or Cooler Master’s MasterPlus+ software, each individual LED can be changed and adjusted to your liking, whether it is color, effects, or brightness. The Flux Series is the new evolution of liquid cooling, delivering the most advanced cooling capabilities in the market.


The MasterLiquid PL240 Flux and PL360 Flux will be available January 6, 2022


About Cooler Master:
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