And here I was expecting the Surface Pro 8…

Today Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 7+ targeted at the enterprise and education segments – too bad average consumers, this one isn’t for you.

A Pro 7+ eh? What’s the plus all about??

I guess that’s a good place to start. There are a number of improvements, even things we’ve never seen before in a Surface tablet that come to light in the Pro 7+ that we need to quickly point out.

First, no fooling here – it’s pretty much the same as the Pro 7 with a few exceptions;

  1. LTE is BACK! There is an LTE model again and it comes at the expense of the MicroSD card slot (replaced by a SIM card slot…no eSIM I guess)
  2. An upgrade from dual and quad-core 10th Gen Intel Core CPU’s to dual and quad-core 11th Gen Intel CPU’s
  3. Longer battery life – up to 15 hours – in part due to the 11th Gen chips, but also a slightly larger battery
  4. Reorganized internals for better thermals
  5. A user removable SSD!

And there it is, the biggest new feature – the user can now remove the SSD and replace it on the Surface Pro 7+. It’s not like you’ll be dropping in a Samsung 980 Pro any day soon though as it looks to be a short 2220 form factor which severely limits your replacement/upgradability options.

Either way, there it is – again, for enterprise customers.