Yesterday, June 11, 2020 is when Sony finally decided to hold a PS5 reveal event. As we are in the middle of COVID-19 (I put this in for posterity sake), it was a virtual event unlike anything I expected.

The event was just over an hour long and for a full hour, we saw games, games and more games.

Most of what we were shown looked rendered, gathered from cut scenes and not at all game play footage.

BUT! We did see game play footage from some games and all I can say is WOW!!! Gran Turismo 7? Looks amazing. There’s a destructive racing game too where you destroy competitors cars as you race in an arena. Very cool.

This all said, it took Sony until the dying minutes of the event to actually show us something of substance – the Playstation 5 itself.

As you can see, we’re getting two editions out of the box and an ecosystem of devices. We’re going to do another write up about the device, ecosystem and implications.