Ubiquiti launches UniFi FlexHD

Who? What? If you live under a rock when it comes to enterprise wi-fi, then you might not know of Ubiquiti or their UniFi lineup. But if you do know of UniFi, then the FlexHD presents a unique new form factor.

UniFi FlexHD Access Point – It’s the size of a coke can!

Shaped like a slightly taller Coke can, the FlexHD offers all of the same 802.11ac Wave 2 goodness we’ve come to expect from the UniFi product line. It does however beg questions about mounting. It doesn’t look like something you’d mount on a ceiling or wall. But reality is, Ubiquiti is on the case and offer 4 different mounting options.

UniFi FlexHD – Mounting options. From desk to wall to pole to ceiling, stick this puppy wherever you like

With the basics out of the way, how much will it cost. Well, this is a sticking point for me. I like unobtrusive AP’s that sit flat against the ceiling. The cost effective UniFi offering there is the NanoHD coming in at $179 USD. Unfortunately, the FlexHD with its unique form factor comes in at that exact same price point – $179 USD. If it had been cheaper, I would opt for it over the NanoHD, but for the same price, I’m inclined to shy away from the FlexHD…but that’s based purely on superficial judgement.