Microsoft Showcases Neo, Duo 2020 Devices

Microsoft took some time at the end of their 2019 Surface Event today to show us two devices we can expect to see in time for the 2020 holiday season. I must say, they’re interesting devices.

Microsoft Surface Neo

Microsoft Surface Neo Concept with detachable keyboard in front

First up is the Surface Neo. It’s a dual-screen, 360-degree hinged tablet/laptop. It’s thin, it’ll be Arm powered and run Windows 10X. With a magnetic keyboard that can be moved around and is automatically detected by the device when it’s put on the screen, it looks to be a unique device for Microsoft who hasn’t taken a chance on a device since the original Surface Pro. There’s not a ton of detail about the tech specs on this device, but it holds promise and I’d love to use one and see if it can be a daily driver computer. Certainly it offers interesting potential for students.

Microsoft Surface Neo Concept in tent configuration

Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo Concept

Guaranteed to be tightly integrated with the Surface Neo, the Surface Duo is an Android powered smartphone which, at this time, foregoes a foldable screen in favor of dual 5.6″ screens and a hinge. That said, Microsoft appears to be focused on the dual-screen experience and using two screens for multiple pieces of content rather than one large tablet like screen. It’s a unique approach that should appeal to anyone who wants more real estate on their smartphone.

Microsoft Surface Duo Concept show casing multiple work streams

We live in interesting times and it’s a brave move for Microsoft to show off future products a year from release. What if these devices change radically or never make it to market? Time will tell, but it’s a huge risk for Microsoft to throw their future creations out as virtual certainties.