We made it to 50 Subs! And also the news

We talk rumors – both speculative and confirmed, Samsung 2019 pricing, Netflix and the Google Assistant.

Here’s a list of Google Assistant NHL Playoff Commands:

  • “Hey Google, are you watching the game?”
  • “Hey Google, which is your favourite hockey team?”
  • “Hey Google, who’s your favourite hockey player?”

During commercial breaks

  • “Hey Google, who’s gonna win tonight?”
  • “Hey Google, who will win the cup this year?”
  • “Hey Google, will Toronto/Winnipeg/Calgary/Montreal/etc. win the cup?”

During the game

  • “Hey Google, help me talk like a hockey fan”

Intermission fun

  • “Hey Google, tell me a hockey joke”
  • “Hey Google, do a hockey interview”
  • “Hey Google, tell me a fun fact about hockey”
  • “Hey Google, tell me a hockey quote”


  • Relive some magical postseason moments with “Hey Google, tell me a playoff memory”
  • Test your playoff knowledge with “Hey Google, tell me a hockey riddle”

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